Engagement Marketing for Small Colleges

Enroll students "a better way" with PRO℠

So long to a "one size fits all" approach -
Get PRO and watch your numbers grow!

Small colleges face their own set of challenges. Since 2003, New Reach Media has been providing small colleges with proven solutions to help them thrive in a world of increasing competition and budgetary pressures.

Our exclusive Personal Relationship Optimization℠ (PRO) platform helps small colleges get better results by communicating individually and more authentically with prospects about the things that matter to them.

As Thomas Edison said, "There’s a way to do it better - find it.” Click here if you're ready to find a better way!

"New Reach Media helped us become the fastest growing private school in the state over 5 years with consistent increases in enrollment and retention. The PRO approach has given us a great competitive advantage!"

- Kim Bailey
   Vice President of
Enrollment Management
   Chowan University

A Better Way to Recruit Students

We don't believe that a one size fits all message promotes the value proposition or serves the best interest of small colleges. Instead, get the leverage that the right message to the right student can provide.

Our custom-tailored marketing and communication flow, facilitated by our Personal Relationship Optimization℠ platform, engages prospective students with relevant content and interactive opportunities that exemplify the personal educational experience they're looking for from your small college.

PRO also enables your admissions counselors to know which prospects are looking at what and evaluate where and how they can best apply their time. And, PRO fits the small college budget! With PRO, you really can do more with less.

"Small is the new BIG." - Seth Godin (American Author, Entrepreneur, Marketer & Speaker)


Making Small Work for You

At New Reach Media, our innovative spirit always has us looking for better ways. That’s why we have chosen to be small by design – just like the small college clients we're here to serve.

Being small enables us to be agile, accessible, accountable, autonomous, and affordable  all attributes that help us collaborate and work more effectively with our clients and their budgets.

We give Thomas Edison credit for being a bright guy and try to follow his example by finding new and better ways to do things.  If you appreciate this approach, then we hope you will choose to take a closer look at how New Reach Media can help you. Since 2003 New Reach Media has been privileged to help clients achieve record enrollments, and raise record funds. There could be a better way for you and your college. Find out today!

Speaking of Doing More with Less...

Our Personal Relationship OptimizationSM marketing platform improves the quality of your communications and engagement with your audience. But did you know that it also enhances the efficiency of your staff’s work flow?


Learn more about this win-win approach!


Our multi-channel tool encompassing direct mail, email, and texting to provide ongoing outreach to cultivate relationships and promote engagement
Provide individualized content and develop “learning relationships” to better understand your prospects (and work more efficiently)
Collect and manage prospect records and engagements to improve relations and meet your goals
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